How To Make End Game For Battle Royal

I need to make a player counter For my Battle Royal Game, so it would be amazing if anyone can help me. (and also for making it end the game at 1 player.)

Give me some time and I’ll create a guide on how to do it.

The Ultimate Guide to Battle Royale:

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hey potato, I did try out your guide, and It did not work for me, and I did follow it exactly, it kinda worked, but the spectators also counts for it.

what do you mean the spectators also counts for it

it wont end unless if there is only 1 person in the whole game

It is player knocked out - Switch player to spectator team right

Try other guides I listed here:

that’s what I did, and it still wont work

Did you put the wires in the right order

yeah, just this is weird, I’m still new to all of this

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Did you try any guides I listed in previous posts?

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no, but I’ll Try right now.

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hey, @potato1, is this suppose to be how it looks for the player counter?
Screenshot 2023-11-10 4.41.33 PM


where is the wire to the trigger?

not yet there, this is the player counter

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You wired it in this order right:
Repeater Runs task - Reset Counter
Repeater Runs Task - Trigger Relay
Relay trigger - Increment Counter
Make sure it is all player relay

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Make a counter to say how may players there are. When there is 1 player left the game ends check guides