How to make dialogue with a sentry

So this is accually pretty easy.

  • In my game, you start off in a room next to a sentry (on the same team as you) and then a popup goes up at the bottom saying basically saying come over to me to talk. When you approach it, you step on a trigger. The trigger connects to multiple checkers.

  • The you create a variable. I created “progress”.

  • When you first step on it, a trigger runs saying if “progress = 0, open popup” you then make dialog.

  • When you run out of space, or come to a pause, you end the popup. Link it to the next, saying “when popup closed, open popup”. You then make it so that at the end, it adds 1 to your progress.

I used a checker to increment the counter, as I learned in @NavyCatZ “how to make scores in capture the flag”

  • You then have tasks or other things add progress, to make it so that you can only have specific conversations at specific times. And there you go! Dialogue!

Credits to @CringeKarlScott for giving me the idea


Nice guide. Can you improve it using the guide below?


Great job! I suggest you add screenshots and looking over your grammar (multiple, dialogue, etc.). Also, this has been already made (in a different and simpler way), so I suggest crediting this guide.

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What should I say to credit him?

I didn’t realize that he already had a guide on this

You would say, “And credit to @wingwave for giving me the idea.”

What i’m saying is that i didn’t know he did this, as I never heard of or saw this guide

I know what you mean but thats how you credit users who have already made a guide on this topic, even if you did not know.

Ah, okay

Nice guide! Don’t forget that you need a property device that sets the property to a number for the counter property to work correctly.