How to make "Cutcenes" W.I.P

This is a guide on how to make “cutscenes”!

Get a sentry and a teleporter and a trigger
connect the trigger to the teleporter and place the trigger were you want it
and the teleporter were you want it
Place 4 barriers close to the teleporter so that you can’t escape it…
put the sentry where you want it close to the player.
make notifications as the dialog
Place the same amount of relays as the notifications
connect them to the notifications and set the delay from each
of the relays in relation to how long each of the dialog lines are.
(make sure that the relays are connected to the relay that sent the notification before them)
Make another relay and set the delay to how long the dialog is in total plus 2 seconds
make the relay teleport out of the box and turn of the barriers and the sentry.

Then that is it! you have made a dialog cutcene! this is a W.I.P. and I will be inproving it over time.

What dose “wip” stand for?

This guide is kinda short maybe add some pictures

oh and there is already a guide on cutscenes


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in the future you should add images

this is a wip, they may not have the images at the moment.

Work In Progress.

Yea, I am gonna have images, eventually. When I have time at school I am gonna do it.