How to make "commands" in GKC

Do you wish that only people who know a certain code can access overpowered items like unlimited cash? Well, you can!

Items Needed

x1 Trigger
x1 Item Granter (or how many different items you want to grant)

Trigger Settings

Begin by placing the trigger under the spawn pad. Change Visible In-Game to no.
Set the max triggers to 1 and the scope to player.
Now, click blocks and create a new block. Get an If/Do block and place it. Get an equal block and place it beside If. Grab a Triggering Player's Name block and place it in the left of the equal block. Get a text block and place it on the right side.
Customize the text to be whatever you want the command to be. Grab a Broadcast message on Channel block and place it beside Do. Set the channel to anything you want it to be.
Repeat for each command you want to have in your game.

Item Granter Settings

Set the item and amount to whatever you want. Make sure the channel you pick is one from the blocks.
Repeat for each of the commands.

It should now look like this:

The player will set their name to the command they want to use, and when they enter the game, it will grant them the item(s) accordingly.
And that’s it!

Thanks for reading, have fun creating. See you around the forums.

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This is cool. Nice guide!

(Casually names myself /admin me)


You’d have to create that command for yourself first though.

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Yeah, I know lol

Just wanted to say that cause I thought it was kinda funny lol


hey hey hey, this is nice! if you add a randomizer and a lot of commands, you could make something similar to a minecraft command block… (@Cellofive check thingy 2.0 please)


This is very similar to

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This guide is nice, I used a system like this to let the game host teleport to a hacks console if they have certain names.

(@eiqcrmeliutgwhc check the DOD padlet, also don’t game-end yourself)

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Not that I care or anything but…

Doesn’t that mean like irl scams or stuff like that?

WOW, Nice guide! I never thought of adding commands to my game!


Are you ok? I am deeply concerned for you.

still wish you could fetch the questioner answers with block code so u could use actual commands


The scam part maybe, but it say games that involve cheating and exploits are not allowed. Doesn’t really matter though. No games are going to be taken down for breaking this rule.

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