How to Make color-changing text (Difficulty 1.5/10 or 🟩)

(many people are saying this doesn’t work, sorry if it doesn’t, it worked for me.)
In this guide, I will be making text that changes color overtime in-game, not just in the text settings (Like RGB Text). It uses 7+ devices*, wire repeater loops, and channels, which is why this is a 3.5/10, but if you think this is easier or harder than the rating, vote for the difficulty in the replies!

What you will need:
1 Lifecycle
*2+ of:
Wire Repeater
*Depends on the number of colors you want

I am using 3 colors for my text, so I will have 3 Wire Repeaters, 3 Triggers (Not in screenshot), and 3 Text

First, wire the lifecycle to one of the wire repeaters, and configure the wire like this:

Now, wire the first wire repeater to the next, like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 12.40.57 PM

Repeat until you have connected all wire repeaters

Now, wire the last wire repeater in the line to the first one

Set the delay in Every wire repeater to 1 second.

Now, take the triggers, and set the settings of every trigger to this:

Now, wire each wire repeater to a corresponding trigger, like this:

Next, go to the text, and set the settings to something like this:

Visible on game start: no
Show text when receiving on: set this to the color of the text your editing
Hide text when receiving on: set this to the color of the next text, like if your text was changing from green to blue, you would set green’s hide text when receiving on to blue.

This makes it so one color disappears when the next color appears.

And BAM! You now have your own RGB/Color Changing text in GC!

Community Difficulty:

  • 1/10🟩
  • 2/10🟩
  • 3/10🟨
  • 4/10🟨
  • 5/10🟧
  • 6/10🟧
  • 7/10🟥
  • 8/10🟥
  • 9/10🟪
  • 10/10🟪
  • Higher than 10⬛️
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sometimes a large screenshot of the settings are better so people know where to find it

Should I edit?

noice, but it’s not 3.5 and 3.5 is still a :green_square:

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You can also change the text color in blocks.

wait so say you have like 10 colors, does that mean you have to have 10 repeaters, and triggers, or… ?

cuz it says this

Uhhhm… I just tried it, did everything correct, and it is not working can someone help me pls?

Do you still need help?

@DontCallGimkitGimmit yes, I still need help.

Lifecycle devices are for only the host; are you sure that this works for all players in the lobby?
If not, just attach a relay to the lifecycle device.

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Welcome back @MAD_residence2 even though you were back in the old days where I wasn’t around…

Thanks; been a while, haven’t been using gimkit for a time. School is back though, and there is nothing better to do when work is done. (or when it hasn’t been done :flushed:)

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what do you mean by that? Also, welcome back @MAD_residence2

lifecycles set to start game only trigger for the host this system needs a relay

so how would I do that?

just a helpful tip, when making guides on visual imagery, it is est to include a short video of it in action. To do that just record your project and post it as a GIF.

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hahahahah so true. Welcome back @MAD_residence2

Ok, so I would just put a relay in between the lifecycle and the wire repeater, and set it to all players?

I’m lost I did everything but how are the text connected to the triggers or how are they connected with the machine