How to make checkers activate something | Difficulty⬜

(This is Option A)
you need a barrier or prop with collision a zone and at least

3 checkers

your not going to regret it once you understand why

now you choose the checkers to check for items and you then wire them up to each other like this
Screenshot 2023-12-13 4.11.57 PM

and then once all connected, connect the last checker to your wall and do this for barrier

or this if you are using prop

now the items that it will check must pass all checks to open door and this is why you need atleast 3 since now you need 3 specific items to open it instead of 1 which is LAME

Option B

You grab an item granter a button or trigger and like last time 3 checkers.
now you wire the checkers like option A but now you wire the last checker to the item granter

now wire your button to the first checker

And thats it For option B

Option C

Connect the checkers to anything you want!!

Hope you Enjoy this guide and Merry christmas. I got Christmas tree Gim
and this is meant for a singleplayer game since it might detect others inventory

I regretted it.
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cant u just use one checker to run 3 checks?

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well the fun is you need 3 specific items to activate item granter or deactivate barrier so it gives it some coolness to it

because its dull if it takes only one item so why not 3 specific items and so if you are missing one item ¨you shall not pass¨

but it does check for 3 items if you add more checks.

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Screenshot 2023-12-13 5.51.17 PM
there u go :wink:

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thats what I did I did 1 check per each

every sucess goes to next checker until it reaches last checker activating door