How To Make Channel Activate When Certain Item Dropped

Hello, This is my first post so if I break any rules or do anything I’m not supposed to please let me know, anyway…

Like a lot of people, im making a Battle Royale game in gimkit. Im trying to make this be as realistic as possible and one of the best gimkit remakes, and im trying to make a medallion system. Ive got the medallion that grants shields every few seconds with a repeater etc, but when I drop the medallion (Gold Seed), it still gives me shield. So, is there anyway that when I drop the Gold Seed, It can activate on a channel to stop the shield effect, and then when I pick it back up it resumes, any ideas?

I think you could use a zone to check when you drop an item. connect that to a checker to make sure its the gold seed

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Maybe, but the item would have to be specific, and I also have to make it so it resumes when I pick it back up

make a trigger loop that runs a checker then gives the shield. it checks for the gold seed.

This is what I have right now, I have the property for the medallion (Gold Seed) for the player, and as you can see Im using the inventory item manager for the seed. The repeater is connected to giving shields ever second. Its just that the shields keep going, im so confused.

Also, ill try that. Im kind of a noob though so can you give me a step by step?

not rn.
Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)
A Guide to the Various Types of Loops

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alright thanks, ill try it

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ok. so use the above looping guide to make a trigger loop. you can set the delay to the delayed trigger to whatever. the delayed trigger is trigger 1 and the undelayed trigger is trigger 2. get a checker checking for gold seed = 1. attach a lifecycle (game start) to it [event occurs → run check]. make the checker broadcast on channel “medallion” when check passes. wire trigger 2 to the checker [trigger triggered → run check] make the checker broadcast on channel “fail” if check fails. make trigger 1 trigger when receiving on channel “medallion” and make it activate when receiving on that channel as well. make trigger 1 deactivate when receiving on channel “fail”. finally, wire trigger 2 to the health/shield granter [trigger triggered → grant health/shield]. that should be all.

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Alright, gonna try this in a few mins, currently trying to use a few repeaters to check.

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So, I just made a mix of your idea and mine. Ive used a few repeaters for to check if seed is in inventory, and just testing it now. Thanks for the help!

… repeaters are 10x more memory than trigger loops.

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