How to make Bobble GimHead

What your going to need is 2 ceramic plates, And T_sonic54 guide
if you want
All you have to follow on this guide to make your own bobble head is the podium part
The rest you can edit is your gimkit character or Like I said T_sonic54 guide
This is a pretty basic thing to do I hope you love the Simplicity of this

First you need 2 ceramic plates and make them both as big as you want
Screenshot 2023-12-31 2.15.59 PM

Now align them up to make this
Screenshot 2023-12-31 2.16.36 PM
But to get this effect you have to go to layers and set the bottom plate under the top
Screenshot 2023-12-31 2.18.49 PM
set the ceramic plate on this image to top to get Cool 3D look
Now lastly for this set your ceramic plates to any color you want

And thats it

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I will put your creations here

Bobble Gimhead Creations
Blank Empty Bobble Gimhead

Screenshot 2023-12-31 2.22.21 PM
Made by @Gimkitsuggestor

Super Saiyan Bobble

Screenshot 2023-12-31 4.38.06 PM
Made by @Trasch

Hope this Guide doesnt get shut down like my GiméMon guide due to inappropriate comments


I like this guide! Very creative.
I like how you used different props to make it look like a gim!

I like how you used my guide and how you used the props to make a Gimhead stand.

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Hey look Super Saiyan Bobble
Screenshot 2023-12-31 4.38.06 PM
you might could use this for hair but it would look kinda like a pineapple
Screenshot 2023-12-31 4.42.11 PM

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Thx a lot for adding it :slight_smile:

oh hey can you introduce a bobble mechanic to it that will actually make the props move
I mean not introduce just like give the player the option to make the bobblehead actually bobble

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sorry not right now this is a art guide

Ik but like you don’t have to put it on this guide
ah nvm