How to make barriers when only one player is left in an area

Hey guys, I know I was just here , but another question I had was how do I make it so that a barrier would only disappear when 1 player is left in a certain area. Plz help me Out!

Have a live player counter check for the amount of people in a zone. If that number is equal to zero, deactivate the barrier.

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guide link:

the number in @ClicClac’s post is the number of players you want when the barriers activate

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Get a zone, counter, checker, property, and a barrier

Step 1 (zone settings)

add those channels on the zone

Step 2 (counter settings)

add those again

now under property make it update a property barrier

Step 3 (property setting)

do this:

Step 4 (checker settings)

Step 5 (wiring)

Wire from the zone to the checker

Now wire the checker to the barrier, make sue the barrier is not active on start