How to make an Undertale Battle simulator with no block code [EDIT LIMIT SURPASSED]

postponed to sunday, sorry guys =I i have had a lot of homework lateley =(
what i have so far:

For simplicity’s sake, should i make it only fight and act or only fight and mercy?
  • yes ( act )
  • yes ( mercy )
  • no
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Oh, wow! Nice idea! Can’t wait to see this guide!

@wingwave right now it’s only gonna be Mad Dummy, but i might expand XD
(if its popular enough)

ok everyone! im gonna start this tomorrow!

Good luck! I am very excited to see a complex guide with no block code. (I have seen a lot of block code in the last few days.)

Is this still wip to this day?
(No need to reply, just add a checkmark)


Try an Omega Flowey bossfight using the alien plant props, TV prop, and for the ¨friendliness pellets" use spinning gray fish.

alrighty! i got my Account back, so i can continue this!

Congrats! Im exited to see the finish

Uh, this was 4 months ago, the Editing Limit is far due.

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Make a new guide. The editing limit was years ago bro

yep i know XD my account was blocked bc my school was wierd so i couldnt do anything for a while


Imo you need both actions xD

not really, you could have SPARE in the ACT menu

ngl that’s actually true I just realized that

…why is everyone saying to only have mercy

Its best to use ACT because you spare from ACT and sparing does count as ACTing

Well… in Deltarune, a feature was if you repeatedly spared, you could spare them eventually.

lol happens it’s happened to me before

Make Sans in the game. I love him and want to meet him! Wait why is Sans battle music playing…?