How to make an Undertale Battle simulator with no block code [EDIT LIMIT SURPASSED]

why do I hear boss music?
uh oh…
anyhow, did we ever continue this @GimPossible

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Guys, I feel like I am about to have a bad time wow, that joke was a ribtickler EHH ehh! That always tickles my funny bone! Thank you Thank you, I will be here all night! And negativity is nothing, as a skeleton I have thick skin! :melting_face: :skull:


yeah, but its hard-- especially be cause of the lack of block code!

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Guys, if you don’t know, I am having a bad time. For Sir Quillius Inkpot or “@VWOOM” has left the Creative forum, possibly… forever. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: (all five heads are sad.)

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he is back yaaaaaaaaaaaay

but you’re a quill… :confused:
*insert sans talking here lol

Sans demands ketchup. Papyrus demands spaghetti. Flowey must burn.

Your wish is my command




can I ask, where is the actual guide?

@Shadow.exe It is a wip but the editing time limit has run out :frowning:

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How did you make that? Photoshop is on your side my friend.

Hi Sir Quillius Inkpot!

Read my bio for information, then put your answer. Will you be my right hand man?

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Hmmm, uhh, let me think abou YES.

So, OOAH is an ally to POET? Put in into your bio then.

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Just wrote that on bio.

This is getting off-topic.


Agreed. I stop the chat.