How to Make an Emergency Meeting in Among Us!

You can just let the leaderboard list a useless item and set it to players, rendering it useless

they usually type like that

The great thing about AI is that they actually read everything you write, so you don’t have to worry about making it concise or straightforward. Then again, sometimes I forget what I was writing about mid-way through the lecture, so I end up confusing the AI anyway .–.

p.s. banned for a month?? yikes


Nice new profile picture!

wait wut i still dont get how to make the voting thing

@kingston hi welcome to the community! if you read the whole thing it makes sense, it just spawns every one at the table. for voting, go here: How to make a voting system (old guide from last forum)


Yeah, nice profile pic! What is the background of the full user bio? (Not the user card) It seems familiar for some reason…

For whatever reason, I thought the original pfp was toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

Why is everyone getting new profile pictures (you’re going to peer pressure me)

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Yours is pretty good, is that Darth Maul in the background, I’m not sure.

:confused: Darth Maul??

look at the very left you can see darth maul in the background of your pic

It’s the Death Star…

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I was talking about your user card pic

Oh that’s my low-level drawing of Darth Revan

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i just found it on pinterest so i don’t really know where it came from but this is the image

i’m not sure if that is funny or serious.

Safe to say it tried to be serious about this command but miserably failed. Dark times those were.

Also, I don’t know why the comment above is flagged, it was something about telling Kyro where that image is from.


Hey, @Tom! Nice guide! Suggestions are good to post on!