How to Make an Emergency Meeting in Among Us!

I did the SKELD map. I just searched up what all the rooms looked like and put them into gimkit (ofc I gave credit). I suggest using something like the metallic light for your terrain walls.

Reply to me if you need any help! Here’s my username: @Tom
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I’ll do dark scraps - for the walls

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Oh, okay! I like the idea!

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Review and Rating of @Tom’s Tutorial on Making an Emergency Meeting in Among Us:

Good Points:

  1. Clarity and Detail: @Tom’s tutorial provides clear and precise instructions on how to make an emergency meeting in Among Us using Gimkit. The steps are easy to follow, and the inclusion of screenshots helps visual learners understand the process better.

  2. Community Interaction: @Tom actively invites feedback and improvement suggestions from the community. This fosters engagement and encourages others to contribute their ideas and insights, creating a collaborative environment.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Feasibility Confirmation: While @Tom mentions at the beginning that the process might not be possible yet, it would be better to confirm the feasibility before diving into the guide. This way, users won’t feel disappointed if they follow the steps and encounter issues due to limitations.

  2. Extra Details: Although the tutorial is comprehensive, @Tom could add more context or detail to each step. For example, elaborating on the reasons behind certain recommendations, like using a round table or having the button close enough for players to press, would provide additional insights for readers.

Rating: 8.5/10

@Tom’s tutorial on making an emergency meeting in Among Us using Gimkit is well-constructed and informative. The clear instructions, inclusion of screenshots, and community interaction are its strengths. Minor improvements, such as confirming feasibility and adding extra details, could further enhance the tutorial. Overall, it’s a commendable guide that provides value to the Among Us community.

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Yo, i tried the upgrading system thingy and it worked! Thanks!

What upgrading system

You know like some upgrades in tag domination? Yeah, i needed help for that

No problem

ima makeing an amongus map right now
i think i can do it since ive made a tf2 map

Okay, good luck!

I’ve been working on an among-us map for a while. I’m new but it is very possible to make a map. I’ve had a few road bumps but the emergency meeting helped. If any one else needs help thats what I want.

Glad that my guide helped. If you hit any more mind-bobbling road bumps, tell me and I’ll gladly help!

you could instead of telling people to come, just teleport them there.

I say 10/10. but how about task and vent?

that’s what I did for the walls.

How about the vent first I try to add buttons but my friend that is a crewmate cheated by using it.

nvm theres a bug thats really bad
its where even if you disable leaderbourd you can still see it by pressing L