How to make an axe (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

this is for my murder mystery-style map called Survivor Frights, It is a spin-off of my zombies map, let’s begin

Step 1.
Place down a wooden pole and shrink it
Step 2.
Add a metal sign and make it red
Step 3.
Add another metal sign
I hope you enjoy , and Sorry it is so short, tho I will make more!

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nice axe could use a bit more improvement through various method (that i dont know)
tho overall pretty nice axe

maybe add dirt or rust, or dye the dirt red for blo- I mean “ketchup”


haha (sereously tho that would be cool)

what would be cool?

Nice job! Kinda simple, could be more realistic, but overall, good!

(remember to add difficulties!)