How to make an Auto Sell Feature! Made by DarkDev

I seen people wanting to make an Advanced Auto Sell Mechanic! So the guide will help you Step by Step. This fully customizable to your likings.

     **-Items Required-** 
  • Item Granters (Based on how items you have)

  • 1x Repeater (For Automation)

  • Item Granters (For Granting Cash) (Based on how many items you have)

  • 1x Trigger

  • Checker (Checks for the item amount) (Based on how many items you have)

  • 1x Vending Machine (OPINTONAL)

                   **-BUYING AUTO SELL-**

If players want to buy access to the auto sell, you will be able to set up a way to buy it such as a vending machine.

Step 1: Put down a Vending Machine
Screenshot 2024-04-18 3.17.21 PM

Step 2: Make the vending machine settings like these.

Step 3: Make the Settings like these! (You can change the required item and amount to your likings)

Step 3: Put down a repeater and make it these settings (This will activate this automatically with the trigger)

Step 4: Put down a trigger with these settings.

that is the buying portion of the mechanic.

                 **-AUTO SELLING ITEMS-**

This will take out items from your inventory and give you money instantly!

Step 1: Link the Trigger to the checker. (this will check for the items to make sure you can’t exploit the system)
Screenshot 2024-04-19 10.20.13 AM

Step 2: Make the checker item based on the item you are auto selling. (For mine I chose a gimfish). Also make it these settings.

Step 3: Link the checker to the item granter. (This will check for the item and if it pass the check, it will remove it from your inventory.)
Screenshot 2024-04-19 10.25.55 AM

Step 4: When wire is linked to the item granter. make it these settings.

Step 5: Place down another item granter, which is for Granting money.
Screenshot 2024-04-19 10.27.51 AM

Step 6: Make the cash granter these settings. (you can change the grant amount to your likings)

Step 7: wire the checker to the cash granter. (This will take away the item and give you money)

          **- Final Product -** 
          **- Expanding -**

This is the entire system and can be expanded by duplicating the checker to the cash granter. Wire the trigger to the checker.

I hope this helps you make a cool auto sell feature in your maps.


So is this guide basically the Fishtopia selling system, but when you get the fish, it’s automatically sold?

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hey man, good job on making the guide and having it organized but…
there’s a guide on this already’

I didn’t realize but ty for telling me. i’ll give credit to the original.


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Well its a selling system designed for any items. It does get sold automatically!

oh no
I suggest you make the title like a way to brand this by your name like other people do

So it eliminates the need to have a selling table, nice. I was just wondering, since I could implement this as an “autoadd” system.

yes you can by removing the checker. and it will allow you to auto add items (of your choosing)

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Great. I’m attempting to make Sol’s RNG in Gimkit, so I was just wondering.

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Great idea btw. I’ll make a guide on rng based mechanics pretty soon. it should help ya out!


This is a good guide for people! I never thought about this! I will definetly show this to people making games like farm chain and fishtopia!

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I tried to make the guide as easy to follow! plus it’s a useful mechanic to have in maps that has selling in it.


Wow! Nice guide!
This eliminates the need for selling tables! :moneybag:



But you might wanna put it as an upgrade.


this guide shoulda been added anyway in Fishtopia

don’t mind me suggesting at the nolt.

don’t worry I gave credit

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if there is auto selling then when you don’t even have the fish in your inventory for that long, so you can skip all that and have the fishing system grant cash instead…

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