How to make an auto "clicker"

Getting pictures soon…


what you need:
Repeater X1
Item granter X1
Vending Machine X1
Wire X1


First make the repeater stop when reciving on chanel and make the interval 1 second.
Wire the repeater to the item granter and make when repeater runs, grant item.
Change item granter to cash, amount of item 1.
Then you want to wire the vending machine to the repeater and make it when item purchased start repeater.

This is kind of short and may get flagged. I suggest adding more content, and for memory efficiency maybe do a trigger loop.

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Thank you for the response, I will try to get more on it later, I have to go now


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or make it a mini-guide in tags

there are already better guides on this…

  1. bit short but still works
  2. lookie here

can you make aimbot in gimkit


Well actually…

no answer.

ah yes, you had to think about that

This is a good guide, but most people already know how to use repeaters to repeatedly run a task. Great guide though!