How to make an airlock (different from other guide)

this my first post

what you need

2 buttons
6 wire repeaters
2 barriers

place two barriers like this

then place two buttons below the bottom barrier and one above the top barrier

wire both buttons to barrier to deactivate after the button is pressed
add 3 wire repeaters on each side of the barriers and make the delay to 10 for all wire repeaters and wire them together look this.

wire the button to the wire repeater then wire that to activate the barrier

wire the middle repeater to deactivate the door depending on if its below or above

lastly you need to wire the last repeater to activate the door that the second deactivates and it should look like this

(i am sorry if i copied a guide someone else made

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Don’t know if a guide about this has been made, but great guide for a first post!

This is good for a first guide!

The Other Guide
Et Viola
The other guide.

How would you incorporate this into a spaceship?

you could use a prop instead