How to make a airlock door

step 1 get a vending machine two zones and 1 vertical door and 1 horizontal door like this
Screenshot 2024-02-07 12.38.17 PM
step 2 take the vending machine and set it so it is transmit on channel.
step 3 then make it so it is invisible
step four set wires so that if the vending machine goes off the vertical barrier shall vanish and the horizontal one shall appear
Screenshot 2024-02-07 12.45.21 PM

step 5 place both barriers like this with the vending machine underneath the vertical one.
Screenshot 2024-02-07 12.46.00 PM
step 6 set the zones with a wire so that if you enter ether zone the vertical one shall appear and the horisontal one shall vanish.
Screenshot 2024-02-07 12.48.26 PM
final step make sure the horizontal barrier is invisible when the game starts.

that is all hope you enjoy!


Nice Guide @vortex-agent-67 !
This will surely keep the echo agents out.

thanks it took me a while to make!

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Nice one, @vortex-agent-67! This is good!

yeah i chose wires because in my opinion they are less difficult than channels.

I feel ya buddy, But channels are memory-free and more memory-efficient, unlike wires which cost 10 memory per wire. You’ll understand channels soon enough. They are not as hard as they seem! :smiley:

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thanks i will eventually get the hang of this.


I totally get that, channels can be confusing, especially with complex maps. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing!

Yea I use wires all the time.
Nice guide! I’ll consider using this in my future maps.

Spectacular guide! You gave critical information in a easy, understandable way!

thank you for this I am going to try to put this to my own map :star: