How to make a working jail

I’m going to show you how to make a jail that when you die you respawn in jail.
so your going to put down a spawn pad then put a zone over it

then make ur jail

then put down a new checkpoint devise in the jail, then wire the zone to the checkpoint

also make the zone :player leaves zone-activate checkpoint:
also i reloaded my game so the link is bad


Nice guide! please close your tabs or you might risk the chance of flags or just shown private info

You might want to black your tabs as some of your personal information is showing. Other than that, great job!

Nice guide! Might want to close your tabs.

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I suggest either taking pictures on full screen or cropping them before you upload them.

Nice guide! Try not to share personal info!

Make sure to hide the code and your tabs so someone does not flag your post.

Nice guide! Looks pretty good!