How to make a working grocery store! ( Money system: 1/10 or 🟦 )

This is the continued version of the working grocery store, working money system edition.
( Btw, I made one, and then accidentally deleted it. :frowning: )


1.) Destroy some of the front of the store, by a few blocks, and fill back in the spots like this:

( But fill back in the space, with a boardwalk ( Floor )

Making the money system

1.) Look at this guide first, to know where I got the thing from, by @x.mochi
πŸ’΅ How To Make a Cash Register
Then, you need to bring the barrier blocks to the ( Above the players ) Section.
2.) Add a button and an item granter, and move the item granter to the front ( Sort of ) of the table, and make it not visible in the game. The options should look like this:

3.) Wire the Item granter to the button ( when button pressed, grant item )
4.) Item granter should look like this:
Screenshot 2024-01-08 11.13.29 AM

And that should be the end! Should I add a SECURITY SYSTEM?

  • Yes!
  • No.
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noice guide!

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no ice guide.

n o i c e g u i d e i t i s v e r y h e l p


Nice Guide! I can’t wait to see the security system!

Very nice!!!

Nice guide! You should definitely add a security system!
Glad my guide was useful! :grin:

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Yeah! Honestly, it gave it a good look! Thanks!

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Bump because what if you need this :slight_smile:

Bump…? Gee I deleted this map a while ago…

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:x: :ice_cube: guide

( no ice guide)