How to make a working grabpack (🟩)

welcome this is my first guide but it’s easy don’t worry. and no i am not new, it’s your friendly, Neighborhood, spydecraft.
so first, get a button, get an item granter so it grants you a red seed and a blue seed. then get a button and a checker that checks for the seeds, then make it so it opens a barrier and for decoration add a plate with the color of the seed under the player. get a counter that if you use each hand in a plate two times, it opens a barrier.

spydey out!!


Nice, and welcome.
A guide like this is good, but it needs more pictures.
Otherwise, it might get flagged…

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Pictures are powerfule spydey!

(u should problally add more)


it’s SPYDEY and yes but it didn’t let me upload pictures

You should be able to upload a good amount.
You’re a Member, and you were granted picture upload when you got promoted to a Basic user.

Are the images allowed or is something wrong with them?

it says “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, webp, avif).”

Oh, alright. Maybe just try to add more words and make it more organized.
That way, it’ll be less likely to be challenged. :black_flag:
Nice guide, though.

just go to padlet and see for yourself

got the pictures but i wanted a gif

oh so thats why you kicked me so you could get a picture

yeah that’s right. sorry :neutral_face:

it okay i could have just glitched back through the walls

ohhhhhh, yeah you could have done that.

but you did fix the door glitch it was open just enough for you to fit in and then the game would shove you the rest of the way through and once on the other side you cant get back in

I deleted this because it sounded like I was advertising (I wasn’t trying to, I swear)

no bad word

hey! nice guide… you should explain it more though! can’t wait to see other stuff you make!

bro i am not new @harharharhar83

thats kinda advertising.

@Spydecraft245 Sorry, I know your not new. I meant to the poppy-playtime tag. There aren’t many people in the tag :confused: