How to make a working door that you can open and close! (Difficulty: 3/10)

What you need:

1x (prop of your choice that acts like a door)
2x buttons

Step 1:

Place down your prop and surround it with walls. (You can decorate the floor if you want. Then place down the 2 buttons next to it.

Step 2:

Click on one of the buttons and change the button message to “Open door”. After you’re done with that, you can choose if you want the player to spend 1, 3, or 5 seconds to open the door and set the visible in-game option to no. You can also set the active scope to global or team if you want to. Leave everything else.

Step 3:

Do the exact thing you did from button 1 to the 2nd button, except set the button message to “Close door” and set the active on game start setting to no.

Step 4:

Now wire the first button to the prop “Button pressed” → “Hide prop”

Step 5:

Do the same for button 2 except change to “Button pressed” → “Show prop”

Step 6:

Wire button 1 to button 2, “Button pressed” → “Activate button”.
Do the same for button 2.

Step 7:

Now wire from the prop to button 1, like this: “Prop hidden” → “deactivate button.” Do the exact same for button 2, except change from “Prop made hidden” to “Prop made visible”.

There you have a tutorial on how to make a functioning door! If you want to make the door available to open from the other side, do the exact same steps!


Nice guide but this is a duplicate and pictures would be helpful for each step.


I didn’t even realize it was a duplicate! What should I do with this

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Also I put some pictures


I would say just mark a solution because there are a ton of guides on this topic from automated to button press, to zone walk through. But maybe next time search and see before you make a guide so your work doesn’t have to be wasted.


good guide! I used this in my game!

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thanks! this is what I all needed for my game!

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