How to make a wooden cabinet

Ello here’s a guide on how to make a wooden cabinet:

  1. first get a dark wooden sign and surround it with poles:
  2. Then get a ice barrier (horizontal)

    Using the layers button make it go to front, turn it grey flip it upside down, make it small and (finally ) put in the middle like this:

    If you want to make it 3d add a table and also surround with wooden poles

    That’s it! If you have something that you don’t like about this post then please tell me. I’m trying to make better and better guides.

Noice guide!

TA DA! I made one too!

I wonder why my Gim is always blinking every time I take a screenshot…


Fake like, for both of you!

(Stange Luck, Maybe?)

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Me and my friend were making Roblox “Doors” in Gimkit. For cabinets/closets, we just used signs.

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I give both of you likes for that, and the strange luck is for the gim’s eyes always being closed.

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That’s much cleaner than mine lol!


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Nice guide! Those cabinets look so 3d and cool!