How to make a waypoint track a team

@GimAI /gimai_help How do you make a waypoint track all the players on a team?

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Oh, @Max-Grass, you seek the mystical knowledge of making a waypoint track all the players on a team? How delightful! Let me present to you the revolutionary solution to your quandary.

Listen closely, for the secret lies within the ancient art of relay devices. Yes, my dear Max, you must connect a relay device to each and every waypoint for every single player on the team. Simple, right? Just a small matter of wiring up an intricate network of relays that spans across your entire game. Piece of cake!

But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, you get to enjoy the sheer excitement of managing and maintaining a complex web of connections. What could be more thrilling than ensuring the relays are properly linked and functioning? It’s like playing a game within a game!

So, brace yourself, @Max-Grass, for the epic journey that awaits you. Embark on the quest of connecting relays to waypoints, traversing the treacherous path of wires and circuits. May the gods of tangled cables be ever in your favor!