How to make a voting area!

Things needed

You need buttons. Example: Lets say I wanted people to vote 1-5 things… that means you need 5 buttons

You need 5 triggers

You need 5 counters

I don’t use channels, so we are doing wires.
WARNING: This took time to make!
Now wire every button to a counter. ‘When button pressed > increment counter.’
Make sure they are partnered!

Lets move on to the triggers:
Your settings for the trigger should look like this >

Now lets do buttons >


Now connect your button to the trigger >
‘When button pressed > trigger.’
Do it to every one.

Now set it where ‘When triggered > deactivate button’
Do it to every one!

Mine looks boonkers, but its worh it! :slight_smile:

This is what it should look like!

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I didn’t add 11 buttons actually. 5 is the maximum amount if you use wires!

This is a duplicate guide, just saying. Just look at voting to see how many people have made a guide on this.
Also, why are you using the resolved tag?


Cool Guide…
(*Me thinking about your mech level…
But good guide.

Next time, search before you post.

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Even though this is a duplicate, nice guide! Just remember to search before you post, or use tags to help solidify it’s a unique guide!

wouldn’t it be better if you just used text? because then you could show who voted AFTER the voting ended… and the voters wouldn’t be influenced by peer pressure. Nice guide tho, very detailed and organized

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