How to make a Vault Door (ADDED MORE DETAILS!) Difficulty: 0/10

In this guide, I will show you how to make a vault door! Final Result:

Final Result w/ Extra Details:

First, get yourself a barrier, and make it into a circle. Make sure it has no borders on it. (I used this shade of grey/gray, but you can choose your own!)

Next, get another barrier, and make it rectangle and the same color. Transparency should be 1 still. MAKE SURE THIS ONE HAS A BORDER! It should look like this:

Next, place it on your big circle and copy and paste them around it. When done, it should look like
something like this:

Finally, copy one of the rectangles and change it to a circle. Change the size until it fits in the middle.
When finished, it will look like this! Feel free to make changes to your liking!

Extra Details (New!)

So, once you finished those first few stems, go ahead and stretch out a few new barriers to the back side. (You can also add the lock emoji with text, like I did!)

Next, go ahead and place some smaller circle barriers at the end of those. (no boarder, make sure the circles are layered ABOVE the rectangles in the previous step)

Next, place some brown (no boarder) circular barriers even smaller than the ones you used earlier.

Color I Used:

Finally, add a text of a black circle emoji onto that brown circle. (change the size of text accordingly)
Finished Product:

Tell me if this needs more details!

  • yes, needs more details
  • no, I was able to follow along perfectly fine
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Great tutorial! Gimkit should add vault doors, now that I think about it.

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For real though! I was trying to look for a vault prop, but couldn’t find it, so I had to resort to barriers :joy: . Now I have this guide for those who are struggling to find/make one! (turned out a lot better than I expected! :+1:)

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Good job! easy to follow, if you added an unlocking mechanism then this guide would be GREAT!


I will try to work on it, but don’t know if I will find a way to do it. Thanks for the idea!

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I more so think there should be more details not to the guide but to the vault door
great vault anyways though

The safe exists if that’s what you were looking for.

I meant like a vault door, not just the safe. Thank you though!

Nice guide!
People have made a vault door guide before but its still really nice!
good job :smiley:

all art guides are 0/10
unless your fc…

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Yeah. This would definitely be 0/10, can you change it?


Was going to add more details to the vault but…

The servers have been going on and off for hours! :cry: Servers are up one second and down the next few minutes…

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Thank you all for voting! I noticed a handful of you guys wanted me to add more details, so I came through! Lmk if you have any more suggestions! (tag me if needed! :blush:)

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