How to make a tycoon step-by-step! (difficulty 1/10, or 🟦)

Hello! This is my first guide, so plz don’t judge!

So first let’s make the laser door! I used triggers but for this guide let’s use the area devise!
Screenshot 2023-10-20 12.37.38 PM
now let’s rezie those area devices!
Screenshot 2023-10-20 12.39.32 PM
Now take the right one out and add a wire connecting to the prop of choice
(if player interest zone → hide prop)

now copy and do the same thing in reverse (if player exits zone → show prop)

now resize them and put them in the middle of the prop of choice
Screenshot 2023-10-20 2.53.49 PM
Now you are done… you want lasers eh? well just add em’ bad boys in!
Screenshot 2023-10-20 2.55.19 PM
we will configure the team settings later

Now let’s work on the money generator!
get a vending machine, and make the settings (visible in-game) to no then use these settings also:

also, it doesn’t have to be a cash berry
next place down a lifecycle and a relay, and wire the lifecycle to the relay (event occurs →trigger relay)
then wire the relay to the vending machine (relay trigger → Attempt to purchase) now get a wire repeater and set the delay to your choice (recommendation: 3.5) now wire the wire repeater to the vending machine
(when repeater reiceves pulse → attempt to purchase) now wire the vending machine to the wire repeater
(item purchased → when repeater receives pulse) and you are done!
Screenshot 2023-10-20 3.09.23 PM

Now lets create a upgrade room!

but make sure you put the vending machine over a prop of your choice!
Screenshot 2023-10-20 9.10.24 PM
now lets make a sentry upgrade!

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Good job and glad you could finally post this!

Great Job @DriftUknown_YT !


@DriftUknown_YT the difficulty should be set up like this
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Nice guide!

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oh ok i didnt known i will change it

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We aren’t using :white_large_square: for mechanic guides.

oh sorry i just saw other ppl doing it

It’s generally reserved for art guides, and this guide is not an art guide.

Yep, :white_large_square: or 0/10 is specifically reserved for art guides due to them only needing props, terrain or barriers (device)
(whoops, didn’t see your post)


Would it be possible to give more money (or just items in general) if you were to purchase an upgrade?

Well yeah, it’s your choice.


yes it is possible youn need me to show you?

do you* need me to show you

also why cant i edit my post?

Since you were @trust_level_0 when you created the post, you only have an editing time limit of 1 day

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bruuuuuh hwo new i had no idea

Yeah, I recommend only posting a guide after it’s done because of this. @WolfTechnology , perhaps you can make this a wiki so they can edit it?

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