How to make a tripwire (Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦 )

so first you need to place down a laser, the click on the laser and go to its options.

then you need to change the damage dealt to 0 and change the color to black because it makes it invisible.

then click on all options and scroll down till you see show path, show start point, show end point.

then change all of them from yes to no.

then scroll all the way up and go to channels and click on When Player Hit, Transmit On and add any name for the channel

then add whatever you want it to trigger and set it to Activate When Receiving Signal From _______ Channel.


Nice guide, @Gray . This will help people make this component.

Great guide! FYI, there’s already a guide on this, so you may want to mention it.

You did add pictures though, so nice job!


Great guide, but like @NavyCatZ said you need to mension other users if they made a guide on the same topic. So before you make a guide you might want to look and see if it has been made already.

thank you ill keep that in mind

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Good job! I tweaked your title a little bit. Also, I suggest you credit that past guide!