How to make a Timed Button

I was helping @AllFather_ofDeath with one of their problems and came across this simple system. I haven’t found a guide on it so i thought i would make it, so here it is.
So in this guide you will need two devices, a trigger and a button.

Step 1:
Place the button and create a custom channel for it. I used the name “press” but you can name it anything you want.

Step 2:
Copy these images of the button settings. It’s a bit hard to put into words.

Step 3:
And use the same channel, “press” on the trigger.

Step 4:
Now wire the trigger to the button.


And you’re done! It is relatively simple and you can set the trigger delay to how ever long you want and it will do the same function.


lol comments in chat
I’m gonna use this guide thx


Cool! A guide that is needed but not actually made!


Wait, so this just deactivates a button for a fixed amount of time?

True, and yet I’m surprised by that.

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a actually useful guide what?


nice guide! (i’ve never seen wolftech make a guide non-art related lol)


yes, that is all it does, but you can wire props to do it on button press and they will come back too.

Very true, im learning!


be warned it dont work for multiple buttons(dont know if it is relevant though just leting yall know)

good guide though so thanks

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i made it work for one, i didn’t plan on making it for more.

lol we should try to find a system that works for multiple though(maybe at a later date)

yeah we can work on that later.

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how was this flagged…

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i have no idea, can one of the five people who flagged this explain why and how it was “spam”??

I guess people thought it was already made :woman_shrugging: idk

that still doesn’t mean its spam. and it hasn’t been made before

a lot of people just see simple guides as something already made when it hasn’t been for some reason