How to make a thing happen when you are in a certain space

I have a suggestion. Maybe in the title, say “certain space” instead of just “space.” This makes it more clear.


Ok, that makes sense.

Oh no… The editing limit…

I can’t edith the title

I gotcha covered!

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I just dug through posts I’ve liked and this is the very first one I liked (the guide)

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Why is there a badge called leader and its right after the Regular badge but no one has it

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Its a very special badge. TL4, the last trust level before moderator

also a very powerful TL

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Because nobody has that badge

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ohh didn’t they get rid of Tl4

Not really we might have another in the future
But lets get back on-topic

well we need one now the forums lately is a mess but agreed back on topic

would it be fine if i say a suggestion on how flags should be changed
Im just going to say it and please don’t flag it if u want me to get rid of it just ask and i will.

If someone gets flagged they should just not be able to chat in that topic for a while not close the whole topic until there is over a certain number flags because some topics have been closed for weeks because of some people were of-topic or arguing.

Good Night :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

some that have been closed for weeks are because of an overwhelming amount of flags
normally when one gets flagged and a topic is closed because of that person is so they don’t encourage more to say things that will get more flags

its manly this one im talking about

alright one minute
what is happening is probably liek what happened with this
we dont know why it was opened after that amount of days but it was

also i dont sleep

for what?

im only awake cause where i live its only 9:30
Back on topic