How to make a teleporter door (Difficulty:🟦)

In this tutorial, we learn to use zones to connect two teleporters

What you will need:


  • 2x Teleporters
  • 2x Zones
  • Make it look nice with some spacesuit cabinets

Step 1 - Link the teleporters
Place down 2 teleporters. Let’s say we want to get from the lobby to the shop. In the first one, set the group to Lobby and the target to Shop. The second one is opposite, with the group being Shop and the target being Lobby. Now, if you run into one of them, it will teleport you to the other


Step 2 - Adding zones

Place down a zone above both of the teleporters. These are what will tell the teleporter you are standing in the warp area. Wire from the zone to its teleporter making the teleporter warp to its target.

Next, make the teleporters invisible. When you test it now, you will get teleported, but you won’t see the teleporter.


Step 3 - Adding the Props

Having a player teleport is cool and all, but we want it to feel like they are walking through something. Gimkit has the perfect prop for this. Place an Empty Spacesuit Cabinet behind the zones, so that when you walk in front of it, you teleport.


Nice job! Now you have a working teleporter door. I hope this works well for your game, and most of all, thanks for reading!


Potential edit: Use the automatic teleporter feature that lets you walk into it instead of using zones as a way to detect entry.

You would see the teleporter though

I don’t think so. Let me test it. Edit: Even when they are invisible, you still teleport.

I mean, if you want a bigger door then zones are good. The whole point of zones is to teach the player how to use wires and activate with different types of signals.

But I do think that should count as a bug. If you don’t see the teleporter and there is nothing there to power it, it shouldn’t teleport you.

You can’t deactivate them, so why would turning them invisible deactivate them?

I mean it makes sense as a way to deactivate them. If I don’t see it, it’s not there.

I’m too lazy to change the guide anyways

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