How to make a teleporter chain

So I want it so that after you teleport to the first teleporter, you teleport to the next one and keep going.

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or you could make a teleporter that teleports on top of another teleporter and it will keep teleporting until the chain breaks

no, just like it keeps teleporting without you moving

Make the teleporters next to each other like 1->2,3->4,5, so you only need to take one step forward to activate the next telporter, but you can’t make some teleport with out moving, its not possable.

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I haven’t played around with teleporters as much as I should’ve, but if you deactivate the second teleporter when your teleported from the first one, then reactivate it so that it teleports you to the third teleporter, and so on, it might work. Can someone test this?

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Never say never.

Make it so each teleporter will teleport you to it when it receives on a channel

Then broadcast on each of those channels with a slight delay between.

True true my good friend.

You can’t deactivate teleporters and it makes me mad all you can do is teleport players to it and to it’s target

I’m pretty sure M*thThr*ve has already made a YT tutorial on this. When the player walks in the 1st teleporter, wire it to a wire repeater/trigger that has a delay of at least 0.3 . Wire that wire repeater with the second teleporter and make the player teleport there. Now repeat that. Make sure to set the players speed to 0 when teleporting so the thing wouldn’t break.

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