How to make a task bar like Among Us [🟧]

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Welcome to the forum, @ComeFollowMeMaker!

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Welcome to the Forum, @ComeFollowMeMaker

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Nice guide, but the lifecycle only broadcasts for the game host, so you should make it broadcast to a relay that broadcasts to everyone.

Oof, yeah didn’t know that when I made this guide. Too bad I can’t edit it ;-;


Can you edit the title?


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I don’t think putting that in the title would help, though. I’m just going to make a disclaimer reply here that hopefully users that would comment would see.

Connect the lifecycle to a relay (no changes to settings needed), otherwise the task bar will only show on the start for the game host.


Just switch it to wiki and then turn it back

You can’t switch to wiki after the editing period is over. I’ve tried.


That’s what i did :slight_smile:

Can you make an updated version that only updates per player? I tried but it only has 10 tasks and it updates for the whole team making it so easy to win instead of per player.

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Can u help me create the task bar work for per player

Sorry, I can’t right now. Maybe I can help later.

I think you just have to convert a bunch of stuff to player scope.

I converted it, but whenever a task button is clicked it reshows to all players, but only updates for that one player so that part is good. but I need to fix the part that reshows. i need it to work for the innocents and only updates per player.