How to make a tag 1vall game

I need help with a tag map. I’m making a tag game were one person is supposed to start as a tagger. Once they attack someone the person who got tagged is now the new tagger. I have used team switchers and tag devises and lifecycles but I can’t get it to work any ideas?

use tag zone and 2 team switchers. one team switcher(a) switches to the tagger’s team. the other team switcher(b) switches to the runner’s team. use these wires:
tag zone [player gets tagged → switch player to configured team] team switcher(a).
tag zone [player tags someone → switch player to configured team] team switcher(b).

This should work! :grin:


The tagging works but when the tagger tags someone both players stay on their teams

did you try what I said though?

Yes i did try that and that is what happend

When the tagger tags someone they both respawn (idk why) and then everything stays the same. No changes

look im a builder expert i can help but sorry how you change pfp

respawning is caused by the team switcher. did you check the leaderboard?

i got anyway if you dont want that just use what the name again specter mode I think it like that

Yes and they stay on there teams they were on before they got tagged?

are you 100% SURE you used the exact wiring? if you used the wrong wiring with the wrong team switcher then yes they wont change teams

Do i need to make the game stile teams? I I don’t think I need to because right now it’s still showing two teams on the leaderboard and it’s cooperative because they’re trying to help each other to get away from the tagger.

well yes but if you want them to see want going on reply and I show you

if you leave it as co-op it should be fine

I honestly think you did the wiring wrong ngl

Yes I’m 99.9% sure I’ll show you a picture to make double check
Team 2 is the tagging team
Here’s the first one

And here’s the 2nd one

so the tagger’s team is team 1 and the runner’s team is team 2?

Tagger team is two runner team is 1

well, that’s the problem. you need to switch the teams then

did it work?