How to make a sword?

I need to make a sword I honestly don’t care if its a bad setup just tel me how

Well maybe have an overlay button that allows you to use the weapon with the shortest distance then do some stuff that I have zero clue on how to do then that make like a permanent barrier that only affects the blaster and makes it stop within like 2 meters (Sorry for not being much help)

It is possible to make a melee weapon, just complicated. You would need to track where a player is, if there is another player in range when they use it (overlay button). Or you could use a tag zone.

the mechanics for one would be difficult but depends on if ur talking about how to make art of one or not

can you explain further?

Tag zone would work most effectively but there is a chance that there is not only close range combat.

to do this you need to track where players are which is currently a clay-institute problem
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there are a couple guides on this but they are complicated and one is not that great but a good one would be this one Melee weapons the Valxian Version

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Can you explain how to use an overlay that will use a tag zone to check if the player is within range to attack, and then decrease sentry health when oeverly pressed and player in tag zoane

For a sword you can use rollers layered underneath each other with an empty armor stand for the hilt
Screen Shot 2023-11-25 at 5.59.07 PM

this should help

also, you can use the knife emoji and enlarge it

to make the sword work, look here:

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tag range setting is in there if ya look

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I made a guide explaining how to make a sword I would encourage you to read:

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