How to make a storm in Gimkit 1.0

Yes I know I used the idea tag but that is for if you want me to add anything else.
This also has a lot of glitches I made this a while back and I will be making 2.0 soon.

Intro this does not use barriers at all and this can be added and will be added in 2.0.
What you will need-
-3 zones
-3 triggers
-movement meter
-team switcher
-Part one-the zones
-Make all zones circles and make one big, medium, and small one.
-Next make all of them when entered transmit on hi
-Triggers all have a 30 second delay.
-Connect each zone to its own trigger(make sure collison is off and so is can you see in game)
->Player leaves zone->trigger, for each zone
then connect each trigger to movement meter triggered->activate movement meter
Make movement meter drain whatever it wants, I made it bananas and it drains 1 every 0.25s.
movement meter tracked item run out → switch to configered team(spectator)
In channels deactivate movement meter when receive hi.

If this didn’t work for you please tell me and I will try to help.


A lot of these devices I didn’t know existed. (cough cough Movement Meter)


did you make a game using that?

I am making a battle royal game so it helps a ton

add pictures…this is really short and simple
this looks similar and better…

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I was gonna put that guide out but this is still technically, different…
Probably isn’t any - - - - - - as you said though.

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I did but the map design is not good.:sob:

I will add pictures later but can’t right now.

You don’t have much time left. you are trust rank 1, therefore you have only 1 day of editing time.