How to make a step tracker in Gimkit [🟨]

Ohhhhhhhhhh…ok, thank you!

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where did you come up with that time?

Darn it! I can only live for 782 years, 5 weeks, 3 days, and 6 hours.


Wow, math! that concept is so strange, like science and physics!


im going to bump into you

after less than a minute

Don’t bump if there’s been activity in the last 5-6 days

This would be really cool for DLD maps too, lol.

Also, you know those watches that can track steps? What if we make that into gimkit? A game overlay, popups, and cool features on it.

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25th like! Wow, this is cool!

Nice guide, when I get the ticket I’ll try to use this!

@leahciM Yes, I did have a pfp since I joined in July. I only removed my pfp around March. You should know that it’s a tradition for people who are leaving the forums to remove their pfp, right?

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Yea I know but… you aren’t really leaving

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I’m still sticking around to know what’s going on here. Not that I like this place much.

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Mmmm, noodles. Can you go into some egg noodle ramen, buddy? It’s, uh, a hot tub!

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(Don’t ask why I’m up at 11:18pm)

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not sure about that lol


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