How to Make a Spawn Pusher

So, if you want to kick someone out after spending too much time in one place, this is all you have to do!

  1. Get a repeater device, zone device, and counter. Oh, and also a teleporter.
  2. Set the zone to wherever you want to spawn push.
  3. Connect a wire to the zone to the repeater: When player enters zone----------start repeater. (Also, make it so the repeater stops when receiving on a channel, this will be important later on.
  4. Set the repeater to repeat every second.
  5. Hook up the repeater to the counter: When repeater runs task---------increment counter
  6. Set a target for your counter:This will be how much time they can spend in there.(in seconds)
    7.Hook up the counter to the teleporter: When counter reaches target----------teleport player to teleporter.
  7. Make the zone transmit a channel when the player leaves.
  8. Make it so the repeater stops when receiving on said channel when player leaves the zone.
  9. Wire the zone to the counter: When player leaves zone-------reset counter.
    That should be it, I feel like I’m missing something, so tell me if I am, and
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But the tutorial was great though some of the people I play with are leeches and don’t do anything.


What do you think the difficulty should be, by the way. (Also, I didn’t see your elden ring bosses down below… )


The difficulty isn’t bad, should probably be a 1 or 2. (I don’t know what the squares represent lol)


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Oof guess I’ll have to one up that later


It’s pretty simple, so green. I’ll make a poll for you though:

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This is actually a pretty helpful guide. BUMP

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Couldn’t you optimize this by just having a trigger with a delay? It’s… like… way easier. Unless I’m missing something.

Yeah, you could.

Player Enters Zone > Trigger

Player Leaves Zone > Deactivate Trigger

You should add some pictures for new users.

  1. @Shdwy Unfortunately, I didn’t discover how a trigger clock worked until after this guide was made.

  2. @IlliniSD This guide is all the way back in June, so my edit limit is up.

This is pretty cool!

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Nice guide!