How to make a single player on one team (fixed) 8.5/10 difficulty

welcome to yet another guide! I know that this has been made before, and you might be skeptical. but I assure you I took 5 months to figure this out, and once you make it you’ll find there are major differences in the design and overall function of this mechanism. let’s get on with the guide (I did this 'cause I needed an intro)

ok, I’ve had this for a while now and I’m positive that this works

to start the things you’ll need are:


life cycle (1)
wire repeater (2)
triggers (2)
relay (2)
team switcher (2)

ok, now that you’ve (probably) gathered all of your things follow these steps:

step 1:

take your lifecycle (from the list above) and set the settings to:
Screenshot 2024-04-19 12.25.35 PM
now place a wire repeater and make the setting this:
Screenshot 2024-04-19 12.27.11 PM
next wire the lifecycle to the wire repeater like so:

and that’s step one!

step 2:

ok, so you’ll need to place the 1rst relay and set the settings to:
Screenshot 2024-04-19 12.32.58 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-19 12.33.08 PM
now place a trigger and make the setting this:
Screenshot 2024-04-19 12.34.58 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-19 12.35.14 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-19 12.35.22 PM
now wire the relay to the trigger and have the wire settings this:

now place the first team switcher and make the settings this:
Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.16.43 PM
finally wire the trigger to the team switcher, with these settings:

step 3:

ok, the next thing to do is to copy everything from the last system (drag over and click c) except for the lifecycle:
Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.22.12 PM
keep the settings for the wire repeater and the trigger, but change the settings in the (2nd) relay to:
Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.26.18 PM
and the settings in the (2nd) team switcher to:
Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.26.44 PM
finally, copy the wires from the last steps and wire the (1rst) trigger to the (2nd) wire repeater and make the settings this:

final product

so here’s what it should look like after you’re done:
Screenshot 2024-04-22 2.30.44 PM

and, you’re done! thank you for reading my guide, this took me about 5 months to figure out (repetition, I know, and I’m sorry), so I hope this helps!

see y’all in the next one! -Christal

Nice guide!

Isn’t this already a guide?

I fixed it

every other guide that had this done had a bunch of bugs, plus it didn’t show up when I was making the title

I think it was already working before.

trust me it really wasn’t

Like this guide:

Or just using a team switcher and a player randomizer.

yeah, that’s the method I used originally, but it kept on bugging out and making players keep switching to the wrong teams

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Hmmm well, it seems like balackhole made the ornial one, so maybe give cred 2 them?

I think you just did something wrong because it works perfectly for me.

I did it exactly how the guide showed me how to

This is a nice guide!
there are pictures
it is organized
and it is useful

Someone already made this guide before
this is SO not a 7/10, I would think 3/10


Ok, fixed the difficulty.

But overall, this looks like a nice guide. It has a decent amount of detail, and goes over all steps. So I like this guide! (Time to be TxmeAi basically gim AI but idk lol )

According to my calculations, :nerd_face: With all the resource and data I have collects about this guide, this shall earn a 8.3/10 in my book, some things you could add are,

  • A little more detail
  • An intro

But overall, this is a great guide! Good job on this!

(actually I’ma bump it up a bit more)

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