How To Make a Short Closet Jumpscare!

Alright, welcome to this guide! Today, I will show you how to make a short closet jumpscare, in only 3 steps!

Step 1: The Closet

Alright, so for Step 1 you need to make the closet, and this is how!

So first step. Place 2 wooden signs, like this:
Screenshot (102)

Next step is to add 2 black tinted basketballs, like this:
Screenshot (103)

Next up, is to add a button, and make its settings this:

And now, you finished step one!

Step 2: The Jumpscare

Alright, so for Step 2, you make the jumpscare, and to make it, follow these quick steps!
So first, place a teleporter, and configure its settings to this:

Add some SCARY barrier art, you can copy this, or make your own, but here’s mine:
Screenshot (107)


Step 3: Escaping

Alright, so now, it’s time for me to show you how to escape/stop the jumpscare!

Time for Step 1 of Step 3.
Place a trigger under your teleporter and configure its settings to this:

(Also make the trigger Not Active on game start)

Now place a repeater (DONT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS).

Now place a counter and make its settings to this:

Now place a teleporter.

Alright, wire time.
Wire the repeater to the counter like this:
Repeater Runs Task → Decrement Counter
Wire the Counter to the Trigger like this:
Target Value Reached → Activate Trigger
Wire the trigger to the Teleporter like this:
Triggered → Teleport Player Here

Alright! You finished the guide! Have a good day, and have a gooder day!


Nice, scary but appropriate for the age of 6. nice guide!

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Interesting, make sure teleport back! Plus, use this grimore for monsters.

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Oh yeah! I forgot about that…

Make sure that the barriers for the jumpscare are on the above layer, so that it’s a jumpscare and you can’t see the gim.

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