How to make a restaurant, but you serve

The idea is: You have a restruant you run, and you have a randomly generated menu!

Deciding what to order

Make a button with these settings:
Screenshot 2024-04-10 7.46.24 PM
Then, make a trigger with this:

(Credit to @samalomlom for the quick bug fixing.)

The properties

Make three properties.

Setting the values and other stuff

Make another trigger:

(The number block is the money you earn for one each.)

Make your cooking system. (I used a lot of buttons in a order.)

Place a button that activates when the cooking system is done. Wire it like this: Button pressed ------> trigger, this is the trigger:

(2 is the thing that says “You need a sandwitch!”)
Item granter:

Okay, I think this is all. I may have skipped a part because I spent two days on it…
Tell me if you find a bug.


Hey, nice! It looks real good!

It can even be paired with that cafe guide, giving a nice environment!

Great guide!

not trying to annoy you but it’s sandwich, not sandwitch. not trying to annoy you, just informing.


What’s it called? Is it a creative game or am I missing something?

Welcome to the forums! This is a guide, but I did make it in my game.


Nice guide @gimmaster12345 once again.
Expect just looking at a guide full of coding makes my brain go :exploding_head:


Oh hey! Welcome to the forums! This is a guide, so if you follow it, you can get the goal!

I recommend clicking the button on the left called more, than FAQ! It gives you the rules of the forums and community.

But I hope you enjoy this place! It’s not in the best condition, but it’s nice here.


Yeah, I made it myself, it was very suprising that I only found one bug… which was solved.


Great Job gimmaster12345! I enjoy all the info!


Yeah, you could say it served my brain amazingness, and gimmaster definitely cooked with this guide :fire:

I’m sorry for the puns…


this is very good guide and I LOVE it! just 1 thing, if a player wants to set it so that they can order more amounts then maybe you should set this part to: “<”


How would you do this part?


what is the wiring for this?
do you wire it to the trigger with a bunch of block code?

Sorry for all of the questions.


Nice guide! (._. I made a game like this but with a heck a lot of notifications and popups)


Button pressed --------> activate button (other button) Repeat.
Deactivate the button when pressed using a wire repeater with a delay of zero.

The channel that activates the sandwich cooking system.
Screenshot 2024-04-12 4.23.49 PM
Menu item is a number.

That triggers on order, which is what the button’s channel is.

(Plus, I may not be able to respond for a bit as I’m gonna make another guide soon, which takes up draft space.)

:smiley: :smiley: Nice guideee I didn’t see this before? Awwe but still :3 I like it!!!

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I made a cooking guide you can use for your map!

Funny how whenever a person asks a question as their first ever post on the forums, they don’t get the answer