Cooking System? Drink designs and Chests

I need a cooking system (yes I’ve already looked it up on the forum)
I need 2 things for the system
1st I need a cooking system that involves crafting tables that have pop-ups (when you click a button-pop-up, pops up) with different selections to pick from (cooking selections/recipes to make)
I would like an oven like system (some recipes will need to be cooked)
the oven needs to have a pop-up when you click a button
once the button is clicked I need the pop-up to show different times
when the player clicks on a time the pop-up closes and the oven has a invisible text with fire emojis become visible
I also need designs or ideas for certain foods or drinks
I also need a thumbnail for my map
Can you help me?
:fortune_cookie: :stuffed_flatbread: :squid: :olive: :beans:
My other post for the same thing (need artist)

I will be making a poll later today with all of the foods and drinks I want to add
and I will be holding a poll on the best designs for the drinks and foods
I will be making my own thumbnail

use a popup set to “call to action”

i’d love to make some art for you when i get the chance, im currently on mobile right now, however once i get my laptop back i’d be glad to design some food and drink items.
also, remember you can also use emojis for some things too!

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Yes I will be using emojis for most of the foods but I also would like to know if I can make my own items in gimkit?
I would love it if you gave me some of your designs @speedy_kd4
I’m pulling images from the internet so you have a good idea on what the desserts look like
Thank you @Txme_Lxss this helps


Maybe something like this maybe? Then you can add a cooking feature with true or false properties and stuff. Also pop ups, and more. This is just a basic help, I’m busy so I can’t help with the actual cooking, but this should help out.


Can I please get pastry and savory menu item request
ex. you should add a strawberry strudel or banana bread
I need requests for types of drinks, pastry’s, savory foods, and anything else you can think of

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Banana Bread

Milk boba

Maybe stuff from the Starbucks menu.

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some drink designs i made:

OJ (you can make any kind of juice, just change the color of the barriers!)
Screenshot 2024-04-16 5.21.39 PM

you could also put a lime on it, to look fancy
Screenshot 2024-04-16 5.22.01 PM

you could add ice aswell
Screenshot 2024-04-16 5.23.48 PM

strawberry boba
Screenshot 2024-04-16 5.32.40 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-16 5.35.15 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-16 5.38.27 PM

most food items have emojis, so using emojis for the food would most likely work best.

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You cannot add your own items as of right now. For recipes, the crafting recipe device should have all you need in it’s settings.

thank you this helps @speedy_kd4

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