I need artists ✒

I need an Artist to make me gimkit style images of these desserts and pastries along with their flavors for a cooking map
(Gimkit style as in make them look like they are actually in gimkit just like josh makes his)
(Transparent background, just the item (dessert/pastry)
Strudel (banana, blackberry, mango)
Creme brulee (Pineapple, Raspberry)
Baklava (just pecan)
Egg tart
Victoria Sponge
Banana Bread
Cheesecake (salted caramel, blueberry, apple)
here are some Inspirations of what I need

creme brulee



Egg Tart

If you are a real avatar fan you will know why this is related :arrow_up: (egg tart)

Victoria Sponge


Bobas of any kind

Banana bread


Watercolor Colorful Handmade Delicious Cheesecake Caramel Stock  Illustration 305376089 | Shutterstock

Other topic about same game (need tech ppl)

So do you want me to make them in game or draw them? Because there isn’t really a way to import images dirrectly.

you can do both or whatever is comfortable for you

I’d hate to ruin the topic, but you can’t really import images into Gimkit as of now. You can only use emojis. Hope this helps!

What do you mean by Gimkit style? like cartoony?

I would think so, as Gimkit is a cartoonish style.

So I guess pixel art emojis is the closest you can come to this?

ehh ig this topic was a lost cause
thanks for the heads up

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