How to make a "released evil" sentry

In games, you generally fight bosses, which are very evil and their ultimate goal is to kill you. So what do you do? You kill the boss. In some games, when the boss is defeated, it releases a “pure” version NPC that is friendly. You ever wanted to do that? Well then, you came to the right guide!
Lets begin. :robot:

  1. Take two sentries:
    Like so.

  2. Go into 1 of the sentry settings and set Sentry Team to Team 1, or your team. This will make this sentry passive/friendly. Make sure you know which one is friendly and which one is not!

  3. Go into the friendly sentry’s settings, go to the All Options tab, and scroll all the way down. Set Active on Game Start as No. This will force the player to kill the hostile sentry first.

  4. Wire the hostile sentry to the friendly sentry. Set it as Sentry Knocked out → Activate Sentry:

  5. Go to the hostile sentry settings and set Respawn Enabled as No.

  6. Put the sentries directly on top of one another.

And you’re done! Once you defeat the hostile sentry, the passive one will appear in its place.

:sparkles: BONUS! :sparkles:
You can set a popup so that when the passive sentry is shown, it gives a sigh of relief and thanks the player for freeing them. Thanks!

Cringiness, out!


Not bad. I like it. Why do I feel like I’ve seen this before?

I revesered this to make a line of sight sentry


wait you made a guide on this already? I’ll credit u.

I used this in How to make a bank robbery in GKC!


I like this, but you should “spice up” the sentries, and make one look scary and hide props when knocked out and show props for new sentry….

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That’s all up to you though. This guide was the mechanics of it.



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