How to make a Realistic Volcano(WIP)


What if you turned the signs at a 45 degree angle and made them bigger to save memory?

(I just like memory efficiency)


Maybe add a dropdown with ideas for using it…


natural disaster survival
pick a shelter for the randomized disaster and if you survive yu move on to next round if not you are eliminated.
a backdrop
pompeii animation
survive pompeii
a science experiment…make a smaller one in science class school map
parkour/obstacle course
a distraction/obstacle in gamedes you have to avoid/get past
be a firefighter and stop the lava by building and doing stuff to build something to stop your town from being destroyed…

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I could, but you know the sides would not look right and i try to use as little but still make it look semi rounded and you need small props to make big objects rounded.

May I add that?

that was a quick small brainstorm the main idea was adding a small list of uses for it to make your guide more helpful on what it can be used for. but again overall is a great guide (out of likes so…):heart:

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Honestly with how this looks I would change title to "how to make realistic volcano! 20/10!

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OH. MY. GOODNESS. SAKES. How long did that take you??? It looks InCREDIBLE.


Exactly what I was thinking…even the title does not give enough credit to him!


About 30 minutes.

Oh. Wow. You were dedicated…

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just the speed designer dude, he just goes fast ig


Thank you both, and yeah i guess some things are just quick, I need to make a guide on teh basics of understanding art, its would be verycomplex, maybe even get 50likes, who knows?

Ooh. Yeah…maybe a art tug?

yeah, i could do that.

as in just a guide about how to art?

yeah, basically. Art is more than it looks, its not just place tint and done. To get good and detailed art you need the most basic shapes to start off with and then make lines, then fix thos lines, then fill, then erase the lines, then add definition, features, and small details. And it will come together perfectly. But most people don’t know that, nor think that.

I knew that, I just like simple art

yeah, i respect that.

Yeah, art is really nice when you get good stuff…like look at the Cool Ways to Use Props guide…there are so many options…

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true, i could redo a lot of them, and alot of them are as good as they can get.