How to make a (randomian) lottery! [Difficulty 🟩 ]

What you’ll need;

Vending Machine x1
Item Granter x1
Property x1
Inventory Item Manager x1

First, place a vending machine down and change it to “Transmit on channel”. You can change the icon to icons/Cash Stack. Make it require whatever you want, I did a lottery ticket.

Secondly, place a property, name it “Cash”, and set it as a number property. change the “scope” to player. It should look like this;

Thirdly, place an item granter set granted item to cash. Now, go into blocks and make this (make sure it is on “run wire pulse block”);


Next, wire the vending machine to the item granter (Item purchased → Run wire pulse block)

Lastly, set an inventory item manager down and set the “Item” to Cash. Go to “Properties” and change “Update Property” to yes. Set “Property To Update” to Cash. It should look like this;

Congrats, you’re done! If you found this helpful please :heart: and if you have any comments or criticism please reply down below!



Great guide, @RandomKid! I loved how simple you made the guide, yet it still makes sense.

Again, why do you need to say “Randomian”? There’s only three ways I know of:

  • Blocks (Random)
  • Vending Machine (Chance)
  • Question Set (All the Same Options)

So, why add clutter to your title?


Because @Here_to_help made a guide on this topic and I don’t want to copy any ideas


Okay, sorry. Completely forgot about that guide (no offense, I remembered, but couldn’t relate).


None taken.


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Wait, just realized, this system wouldn’t work. If I am correct, since the variable is set after you set the property, nothing happens to the property. And variables reset every time the block begins, so how would this work?

wait how do you get the blocks?

you get out a device, use a trigger for exapmle, the you click on it, and on the top left side of the screen you will see two buttons, one says options, and the otehr says block, glick on blocks and you can now make and code with blocks.


Ohhh I see it now thanks!

Your welcome let me know if i can help you with anything else.

Don’t forget you can access wires at the same place!

yes that to, thanks, i kind of forgot

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I’ve tested this system and it does work. (I might have switched the top two blocks tho)