How to make a random person to be on the other team

This is how to make 1 person out of all of them to be on another team, kind of like randomizing like in snowy survival.
(dificulty 1/10)
First you need:
spawn pads 2x
relay 1x
team switcher 1x
Lifecycle 1x
so first you need the two spawn pads and place them wherever you want then have one be team 1 and the other team 2

then place the relay and put it to random player

then click on your team switcher and put specific team team 2

now wire the relay to the team switcher then wire lifecycle to relay
Screenshot 2023-11-15 6.04.07 PM
and thats all!
Screenshot 2023-11-27 7.21.39 PM


Nice guide! You did the poll wrong. You may want to credit this guide as it shows how to make the separate person: Infection system, like Snowy Survival

ok, its my first time making a guide so I dunno how to do the poll

Nice Guide!
You may want to credit this guide though.

oh ok

well, this might be kinda dumb to ask but how do you credit a guide?

To make a poll, go to the top of the message bar when you’re writing a message and you’ll see a settings figure. You’re smart so you’ll figure out the rest.

Edit it and make it say “credit to @user_name” or smth


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