How to make a random amount of starting cash (Difficulty: 🟨) WIP

Warning, this may use some knowledge of block code.

So first get a lifecycle. Set it to game start. Then wire it to a relay that is set to all players.

After that, get a trigger. Make sure you can’t trigger it by stepping on it and don’t make it visible. Do it for all triggers. Set it up like this:

After that, make a trigger for every channel in the block code above. For my case, I need 7 triggers, for each of the channels. Also, try to keep it organized. Here are examples of the triggers that I used:

Make sure that every trigger has a block for when triggered, since we will need them.


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Nice guide! Just know, there is an easier way to do this with lifecycle → relay (all) → item granter [Grant custom amount (random int)]. It saves on devices and memory, but it’s nice to have multiple ways to do something!

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Wouldn’t that give you a certain amount? That wouldn’t be a random amount.

No, the Random Integer block allows you to randomly get any amount of the item in its range.

But what if you have a large amount, like you want to have a range of 60?

Then you put 1 or 0 in the first option, and 61 or 60 in the second option!

no its an randomiser block code so it will be randomly chosen

But how would you get the item?