How to make a random amount of starting cash (Difficulty: 🟨) WIP

An item granter that grants items when receiving on the specific channel for that certain amount.

it chooses a random integer which when chosen it will Do the action

Oh, now I get it. My guide is useless now! So I should just delete it!

The Grant Custom amount of Item block.

The rest of the guide is going to be put on a reply, I forgot to finish it…

Ur so good at this code!

? why so appreciative about a simple code?

bro. show some respect. (ok maybe they’re not new but we’re not talking about that account)

people are just confusing nowadays because @thatOneCringe could of said ¨Wow good job you made a coin¨ saying that to a person who left his life to make coins who had made a few million coins

look, my point is to not be rude


Yeh yeh I know that. just @thatOneCringe seems to have put some chip on me And I do not know why

Um, Alternate accounts are known as ban evading and can be a reason of ban.


no i don’t.

I said that because i am no good at code. @SuperIzzyGuy is much better than me, for a fact.

I know just something about you just doesnt feel right =( to me

please stop being off topic!

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I agree.

Don’t want this to get banned.

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for what?

  1. is this a wip anymore
  2. why is this a :yellow_square: no offense, but simple block code and some devices are still/usually classified as a :green_square:

i didn’t finish it in time…

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