How to make a Pseudo-Inventory [WIP]

I’m really sorry but, I’m still confused.

This part not the other.

You make the channels transmit on another channel, then make each channel do different things, I’m not really good with pseudo stuff, so you’ll have to ask @Blizzy when she gets on.
Edit: oh good she’s online :relieved:

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Yes, I’m online.
But you’ll have to ask @Blackfox45666 that, they wrote it.

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like do you mean the one half thing? i think that was checkers so make sure 3 checkers or half recieves on 1 channel and for the other 3 just make them recieve on a different channel for example lets say the the start of the take system checkers recieve on ¨take (specified item)¨ and the giving checkers recieve on ¨give (specified item)¨ sorry i should have specified more im a confusing and confused man when it comes to explaining

What do you mean here?

like whatever ingame item u chose to take away from the player


Im really still stuck on this part.


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sorry to do this…


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